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Intuitive Dashboard

Managing job openings and posting them becomes a child's play with B2B ERP. Navigate effortlessly through a modern, intuitive dashboard & recruit top talent swiftly.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Agile Recruitment Process 

Stay in command of overall recruitment status with Kanban view. Create custom stages as per your hiring strategy and manage your agile recruitment pipeline.

Visualize multiple open positions & their respective stages in a single window


Create custom stages as per your hiring strategy  and simply drag applications across them

Track job offers & evaluate performance of various channels to refine strategy


Keep It Organized 

Use in-built smart tools and features to remain organized throughout your hiring process

Document Management

Automatically maintain applicant database. Index their details along with their CVs and cover letters. Search quickly and easily using filters.


Create and utilize templates to automate communication and responses. Save precious time in connecting with potential employees.


Desing and create interview questionnaire. Ask candidates to answer online before the interview. Or simply fill their responses offline during the interview

Integrated With Other Apps 

Maximize your business productivity by smoothly integrating with other B2B ERP apps


Automate employee evaluation process for fast appraisals


Manage and approve employee leave requests effortlessly.


Easily file, manage, and analyze day to day expenses of your team.